The Roommates

Going to college and starting your new life as a uni student must be the best time of your life, right? You fly away from your parent’s house to go live inside the campus, sharing a flat with some roommates, going to parties, in other words, to just enjoy your freshman year. Well, Imo, Amber, Tegan, and Phoenix thought that, too. How wrong they were.

Imo has seen a stalker standing right outside the flat they share, watching their every move, yet she decides not to tell the other girls. Tegan is being followed by this same man but is not scared about him, in fact,  she knows him but will not tell anybody about it. On the other hand, Amber cannot keep herself from telling lie after lie, and Phoenix is hiding her true identity from her roommates because there is no need for them to know.

But then, out of a sudden, one of them banishes. And their secret-keeping game must come to an end if they want to solve the mystery behind their friend’s disappearance.

Lots of questions will arise but we will not be able to answer most of them, and that is one of the best things in this book. The information will be there for you to take it, but given the way the book is narrated you will have to keep on reading if you want to know the truth, there is no other way. Sargeant’s writing is very simple and captivating, that you may find hard to put this book down. She has done an outstanding job keeping the essence of mystery novels and adapting it to a whole new ground.

All of the girls are connected to each other through the traumas they have faced during their lives, whether it is an unhealthy relationship with their parents or the agonizing pain of losing someone you love, this girls will have to confront their own fears and embrace their inner demons if they want to get back their mate.

Twisted and dark, this book will make you wonder how much you know about the people you live with. You share most of your time with them, but enough to trust them? To tell them your secrets? These are the kind of questions you will be facing thanks to The Roommates.

I would like to thank NetGalley and HarperCollins UK for giving me the opportunity to read this book in advance.


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