The Archived

The Archive is the place that stores our memoirs (histories) after we die. These Histories are similar to our living bodies, and they are kept into the shelves that are placed inside the Archive. But, sometimes Histories can escape out of this giant library. And it is a Keepers job to get them back. Mackenzie Bishop is a Keeper, a really good one. She inherited it from her grandfather, and while he was alive he taught her everything she needed to know about the Archive and about her job.

But when Mackenzie’s brother dies, her world start to crumble, and not just because her parents decided to move out of their house to go live to an ancient hotel that has been turned into an apartment complex. Knowing that her “brother” is being kept somewhere inside the Archive, Mackenzie starts to lose her composure as a Keeper, and if this wasn’t enough, the number of Histories she has to return has started to rise without any reason. And Mac is running out of excuses for her parents whenever she has to go hunt those Histories.

What is causing this massive break out of Histories? Why is the Archive so mysterious about this incident? Is the Archive hiding something from her? Well, through the eyes of Mac we are going to answer these questions and to discover some of the most impressive facts about the Archive.

As expected, Victoria Schwab’s writing was extraordinary. She has a way of making you feel all the pain of losing someone you love, the sorrow, the insecurities and most importantly, the loneliness behind being a Keeper. You are not only preventing Histories to reach the Outer, but you are also keeping secrets from your family, and you keep on lying to achieve this. The scenarios Schwab has created are perfectly described and the characters are very diverse and powerful, each in their own way.

We will learn that even if we think that we are perfectly fine being alone, that we have all figured out, it is not true. Maybe we can hold it up for some time but in the end, we all need someone to help us carry the weight of our fears, our insecurities, our pain. Whether it is our family or friends, the heaviness on our shoulders will become lighter if we decide to trust and to accept the help of the people who love us. It will be hard, but it is worth it.

If you have read The City of Ghosts and want to go a little bit further, then this book will definitely please you. If, however, you are not familiarized with the author, then I guess this is a good starting point. I hope you like it as much as I did.

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