OZ-Parts 2 & 3

This time we are sharing with you the last two stories that are included in the first issue of the Oz comic that was published by Marvel Comics.

The Marvelous Land of Oz

Tip and friends. Marvel Comics.

We continue with Oz’s story. This time we follow the adventures Tip, an intrepid boy who escapes from a witch named Mombi; with Jack, a pumpkin man created by Tip who came to life thanks to some magical powders that belonged to the witch. Tip travels around many places, making friends and enemies, among them a very interesting antagonist.

As the title of the work says, in this story, we explore much more the world of Oz through fascinating scenarios and very charismatic characters. With a lot of comedy and good morals, I consider this story much better than its predecessor.


Ozma of Oz


Dorothy Gale returns for a new adventure in the OZ world but this time as an ally of Ozma, the true protagonist of the story, who wants to end the reign of the Nome King, who in my opinion is the best antagonist of this saga.

Located a few years after the second book, we find the original characters of The Wizard of Oz, who have not changed much and we know many new characters like Tik Tok, a machine man who can save you in any predicament, and Billina the stubborn hen.

Nome King. Marvel Comics.

This work solves many things and opens the way for many more stories. Without a doubt, Eric Shanower is a true Oz fan and wanted to finish this first trilogy in a masterful way accompanied by the spectacular art of Skottie Young.