My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, Vol.1

For being Emil Ferris’s first graphic novel, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters has come a long way. It has even been praised by critics and cataloged as one of the best graphic novels of 2018.

Settled in Chicago during 1968, we are introduced to Karen Reyes, who presents herself to us as a werewolf girl whose love for monsters has caused her to be seen as some kind of weirdo at her school. Throughout the book, Karen will try to investigate the alleged suicide of one of her neighbors, while we meet the peculiar characters that surround her.

The art of this work is marvelous, even though everything is made with pen, it captures very well and with much detail the essence of being a girl’s diary. Karen’s character is very interesting and complex and throughout the story, we will learn about her fears, her desires and the problems that affect her family.

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters is an intriguing work with a very original design and is mandatory reading for every fan of this genre and lovers of horror.