Love & Gelato

I wanted to read this book for a long time and I finally I was able to get it a month ago, it was so funny and lovable that I finished reading it in just three days.

It has a very nice plot, and it is very easy to feel what the author wanted to share with us through the things that happened to Lina, the protagonist, who is forced to travel to Florence to spend the summer with her father, a man whom she had never heard of before. Why did she go, then? Because just before her mother died, she made Lina promise that she was going to do so and that she would try to have a good time, just as her mother did when she was young.

However, Lina is going through a painful grief and the least she wants is to get away from her best friend, Addie, just to go live for two months with a total stranger in another country. So from the first moment Lina sets foot in Italy, she swears that she will not stay beyond the summer, even if that means going against the will of her grandparents who want her to stay permanently with her father.

While still trying to overcome the pain caused by the loss of her mother, Lina is gifted the diary that her mother wrote while she lived there. Carried mostly by mere curiosity, she decides to read it without knowing that she will get more than a few surprises. Soon enough, Lina will be wrapped up in a number of adventures that will lead her to discover every one of the beautiful corners of Florence in a totally unique way. Along with Ren, a nice and friendly guy who does not hesitate in helping Lina in everything she needs, they will both try to reveal the secrets that are hiding behind the diary of Lina’s mother, while slowly falling for each other in the way.

This book was without a doubt an excellent option, it has the right touch of sentimentalism and romance that makes it possible to enjoy the reading of it. I was dying so much of curiosity to know what Lina’s mother had been hiding, that it prevented me from putting the book down. It was such a delicious reading, the plot is simple so everything flows naturally and it is possible to advance quickly with the chapters, which are not too long.

I hope you are encouraged to read this very cool book, which I consider an excellent option to read between books that are very loaded with action and adventure, you know, just to fuel our reader’s hearts.