History is All You Left Me

Griffin and Theo are two best friends who happen to be in love with each other. They decide to start a loving relationship and create the most beautiful memories together. Everything is going well until Theo has to leave to go to college, and since Griffin feels that the distance will play against them and that the chances of Theo finding a new boy on campus are very high, he decides to end the relationship; even though his love for him is still as great and intense as it is at the beginning.

At first, Theo and Griffin remain in contact and nothing seems to have changed; until Theo falls in love with a boy named Jackson and slowly starts to thrift away from Griffin, who feels that his chances of getting back together with Theo are almost null.

Unfortunately, a tragic accident takes away Theo’s life, leaving behind a totally destroyed Griffin, both physically and emotionally, who refuses to let Theo go. This will bring him a series of deeper emotional problems that won’t stop growing and whose resolution depends solely on Griffin’s willpower to overcome them.

Intense, raw and real. With these three words, I can define the plot presented to us by Adam Silvera in History is All You Left Me, whose characters penetrate deep within us and transmit so many emotions that it is very difficult not to bound with the story. In the end, you will feel how difficult it is to overcome this book. There are no words positive enough to come out of the post-reading lethargy.

The strange love triangle that exists between Griffin, Theo and Jackson is the cause of all the problems that keep developing through the story. Without going too far into the plot, from the beginning, we are presented with Griffin as someone with an obsessive disorder who finds in Theo someone who understands him and who  loves him; or at least that’s what he feels, that’s what he wants to believe, and that’s what leads him to put his love for Theo above all else.

The character I liked the least, I could even say I didn’t like him at all, was Jackson. I felt that he took advantage of Griffin’s vulnerability since at a specific moment, he was the one who was able to put a stop to what was happening, but even so, he did not do it. He decided to continue even though he knew Griffin wasn’t an emotionally stable person.

This was the first book I read by Adam Silvera and without a doubt, I can say that I am very pleased, even though the way he writes is colloquial, he manages to transmit the feelings he seeks to convey to the reader. Another thing that I loved in this book was the way the author approaches the very delicate issues of mental disorders, especially how the person that suffers this condition feels and how it affects the people around them.

And remember that for love, there are no genres. Love is the same for everyone. I hope that you can read this book and that you tell me how it seemed to you, I sincerely recommend it to you because it seems to me that this kind of reading is absolutely necessary for everybody to know and accept.