Ever Alice

Have you ever thought about what happened to Alice after she came back from Wonderland? Well, certainly H. J, Ramsey has. In her debut novel, she will introduce us to a 15-year-old Alice that still believes in the existence of Wonderland and who is kind of obsessed with the White Rabbit. Because of this, her parents sent her to an asylum so she can be treated on her “delusional” behaviour.

After reading this summary, I knew I had to read this book. However, I have to admit that at the beginning I had a difficult time trying to visualize a fifteen-year-old Alice. Most of the time I still pictured her as a little girl, I would have appreciated a little help from the author to be able to picture her as a teenager. I guess maybe a little more development on her personality would have been of great support. Nevertheless, I dare to say that Alice’s character grows throughout the story, I saw the change, all of it. The Alice we are shown in the end is not the same as the Alice that we are introduced to at the beginning. I am sure you will notice it, too.

If you have read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you know that word games are a must. But I never expected to find any of them in this book and I was very pleased when I discovered that the author had included this resource to in her work. My favourite was when the Prince of Hearts asks Alice about the man called Eng that has a land named after him, this was golden. Yes, my beautiful readers, we have a prince in this story. The son of Rosamund, Queen of Hearts.

At first, I was not content with the addition of the prince because it was implied that Alice would develop some feelings for him even before knowing him, she just started to feel love after seeing the prince’s portrait. I thought that if it were a mere physical attraction then that would have been better, but then we have to remember that during most of Alice’s teen years she has been secluded inside a mental institution, and because of this she was not given the opportunity to actually experience and acknowledge the changes that you are supposed to when being a teenager.

In this book the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter work as the Queen’s advisors, which was the first surprise for me, I would have never seen this coming. We will also be introduced to Tweedledee and Tweedledum’s daughters, a pair of identical girls that work as the Queen’s chambermaids, and I certainly had a blast after meeting the brother of Humpty Dumpty. I would not like to add some spoilers but I must tell you that there is an unbirthday celebration, a very good one indeed.

How did Alice leave the asylum and goes back to Wonderland? This one is an easy question, right? I am sure you can imagine a way to go back to this extraordinary place. Why was she needed there? Well, you will have to read the story to finally know it, but all I can say is that the Queen of Hearts is having some issues with her reign and the presence of Alice is required. Will she come back to England in the end? Now, this is a tough one, if you were in Alice’s place, would you come back to your awful reality? Well, I leave it up to you.

Even though I had some rough time in the beginning after I was able to finally settle in this new perspective of Wonderland, I enjoyed my reading and I definitely liked the book. As I have previously stated, I think that if we had a more detailed description of Alice then the book would have been a lot better. But please, keep in mind that this fact does not have a massive impact on the developing of the story. If you fell for Alice’s adventures as I did, then I do encourage you to read this book. In the end, you will be very surprised, I can assure you that the final revelation will leave you shocked. At least it did to me.