Empress of All Seasons

“We’ve been pushed around and forced into quiet rooms our whole lives. Nobody’s ever asked us what we wanted. The prize isn’t the prince. It’s the power.”

When it’s time to find a wife for the Crown Prince of Honoku, young women from different clans must get ready to compete to become the prince’s next empress and future wife. These girls will have to face the different challenges that await them behind each of the four seasonal rooms. The one that conquers winter, autumn, summer and spring will become the winner.

Mari is one of those young girls who is competing to become the prince’s wife, but she is not human, she is yokai: a species with spectacular and special abilities, most of them are shaped like monsters, and are also hunted and enslaved by the emperor. Soon, things will get more complicated for Mari, especially after meeting Taro, the Crown Prince of Honoku.

This book has been the first fantasy book I have had the opportunity to read after a long time. And the truth is that I loved it, I dare say that it was the book I liked the most in 2018.

The author of Empress of All Seasons is of Japanese descent, which is why she drew on Japanese mythology and traditions to write the book. Each chapter of the book is narrated by a different character, in such a way that we have the perspective of each of the main characters. The author is very neat and the length of the chapters are not too long so there is no confusion for the readers.

The book presents audacious, strong, brave and above all, independent female characters; which I loved because of the time in which the book is set, one does not expect to encounter such empowered female figures.

” After I rejected Jun my father sat me down and said, ‘You are pretty and want too much.’ I asked him, ‘What is too much? Love? Equality?’. He said, ‘Yes. You are pretty. That should be enough.’ “

The author also works on a bit of romance, the instant love type, which at first I didn’t like because I felt it very hasty. However, knowing the background of the characters, it is possible to understand the reason for this romance.

I hope that you will be encouraged to read this book, it is indeed a surprise from beginning to end; I have tried not to give you too much detail not to ruin your future reading. I thank Illumicrate for including this book in their November box, and I leave you the link so you can buy this book via Book Depository.