City of Ghosts

Cassidy Blake is a rather unusual girl. Her parents are renowned researchers and writers of paranormal events, and she spends a lot more time immersed in books than in the real world. But there is something else since she had a close encounter with death, Cassidy can get in and out of the ghosts world at will. Not only that but she can also interact with them, even her best friend (Jacob) is a ghost.

Since Cassidy acquired this ability, there are only a few places she can be without being attracted to the “veil”, the barrier that separates the world of the living from the dead. That “tap, tap, tap” does not leave her alone not even at school, so Cass is looking forward to summer vacation so she can leave the city and get to the only place where she won’t feel the call of the veil.

However, her parents have other plans. This year they will go to Edinburgh, a city known for being one of the most haunted destinations in the world. This trip will bring many surprises for Cassidy and Jacob, who will not be only facing creepy cemeteries and hunted castles, they will also awaken the wrath of one of the most dangerous ghosts in the city.

With this book the successful author V. E Schwab debuts in the middle-grade fiction, and let me tell you, it has been a resounding success. “City of Ghosts” is a captivating and easy-to-read book, in which the description of the Scottish city and its various locations in which the story develops (castles, cemeteries, secret passageways) is exquisite and naturally narrated, that you can fell yourself to have been transported inside the book.

The author achieves a perfect balance between fresh humor and dark elements, you will encounter situations in which you’ll feel goosebumps and you’ll also experience funny situations in which you will find yourselves with a smile on your face without even realizing. Also, Cassidy and Jacob are an amazing duo, their bond is really strong and their friendship is the most important for both of them.

I totally recommend this book, I’m sure you will enjoy it. If you are in the middle of a reading blockage it may help you get out of it, and it is also a very good option to read in between large readings.


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