All-Star Superman

Superman is dying.

Lex Luthor has been sentenced to death.

This is what All-Star Superman is all about, this comic was made by one of the best duos of this medium, Grant Morrison(Arkham Asylum) and Frank Quitely(New X-men).

Superman knows he can die at any moment, but he is still the hero we all know. This time we’ll delve into all his relationships and we’ll also explore the point of view of Lex Luthor, who is totally consumed by fear and envy at not being able to be like Superman.

All-Star Superman
All-Star Superman

Grant Morrison explores every bit of Superman’s mythology, so this comic is not recommended for beginners in the world of the ‘Man of Steel’, yet the reading is enjoyable.

The graphic narration provided by Frank Quitely is just fantastic, with very creative and fascinating Splash Pages panels, amazing drawing of facial expressions and dynamism, which makes everything just perfect.


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