Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

It all begins with a beautiful summer day at the park, where little Alice is very bored, that is until she notices a white rabbit that is in quite a hurry. The animal is also wearing a vest and is looking at his pocket watch, filled with curiosity, Alice decides to follow the rabbit, even after it jumps into a tree-hole.

After a long descent, she ends up landing into a large hallway where she finds a door that is too small for her to get through, so she begins to think and wonders to herself how she can pass through the door because there’s a beautiful garden behind it and she wants to go there.

This is the beginning of the incredible adventures that Alice will have throughout her stay in this strange world, where she will soon find herself swimming in a sea of her own tears, talking with different animals, meeting a mad hatter, becoming acquaintance of a not very graceful Duchess, and playing a dangerous croquet game with no one else than with the Queen of Hearts herself.

On several occasions throughout the reading, we will find Alice repeating herself the same expression: “I wonder if…”, and it is this word wonder The one that gives Wonderland its name (The Land of Wonders).

The use of rhymes, poems and especially the amount of word-playing dialogues are the reasons that make this book so delightful. Even if its main focus is children, there were several moments in which I had to stop and re-read a sentence or a dialogue to be able to get the reference and/or the use of the double meaning behind the words employed.

My favorite characters were the Cheshire cat, the caterpillar, and the Duchess, I really enjoyed the scenes in which Alice made conversation with any of these individuals because they make her (and us, too) think in a different way, a totally new one, which we have never explored before. By the end of the story, we’ll have kept in our hearts and minds a great number of lessons. Each chapter has its particular charm, and Alice’s personality is simply lovely.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to read this awesome book, remember that it is never too late to travel to Wonderland.