Velvet was the Night, a masterpiece

I would like to first wish a happy book birthday to this amazing story because it hits shelves today. Congratulations to both author Silvia Moreno-García, and Del Rey Books.

I cannot agree more with Kirkus reviews about this book because it really is a masterpice. It turned out to be more than I was expecting. I do not know if it is perhaps of the current political crisis that we are facing in Peru, or if it was because of the similar situations that happened in my country during the war against terrorism back in the 80s. Most probably it was both.

We have two main characters, a secretary, and a thug, Maite, and Elvis, respectively. The narrative is just on top, the point of view of both the main characters are interspersed, so we get to know Maite’s perspective in one chapter and Elvis’s in the next one. That is, until they end in the same room. The character development is another thing that I must praise because each one of them seems to be right for their role, I could not sense any mismatch throughout the course of the plot.

Even though this is a noir book, which means that the mystery itself is not the main focus, I am pleased to say that the author knew how to work this out perfectly because this book did not make it easy for me to solve the case. I could not have imagined what happened in the end. It was amazing, what a plot twist! And the music, to picture those scenes in your head with the specific songs in the background, is such a delight.

You cannot imagine how entertaining the story is. I hope you can read it as soon as possible, you won’t regret it, trust me. You can also find the official playlist here to accompany and help you enjoy even more this fantastic ride.

I know for sure that this book is going to be on the top of many rankings. Thank you Netgalley for trusting me with an eARC.


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