Kingdom of the Wicked

First of all, I would like to thank Jimmy Patterson Books and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book. I know that it has been a long time, but due to the COVID pandemic I have been through some difficult situations at home, and those kept me away from the platform.

Now, let’s talk about the book. My expectations for this work were very high because of the author’s previous book series, so I was thrilled when I got the approval for reading it in advance. However, I also have to be honest and admit that even though the general overview of the book is very attractive to the reader, it did take me a lot of effort to finish the story.

The beginning is very slow, it was hard for me to stick to it, and I had to do several pauses in order to push myself to continue. Eventually, the story becomes better and it is easier to become attached to it. I believe this occurs because of the appearance of the male lead, Wrath, and the interaction between him and the female lead, Emilia. If we remember the fantastic duo of Audrey and Thomas from the Stalking Jack the Reaper series, then you know that Maniscalco can create marvelous things.

Nonetheless, once Emilia is on her own again, the story turns sour back again. I feel that there are some important aspects about the personality/construct of this character that just doesn’t work. Emilia’s constant behavior of just keep on questioning and questioning things, or the fact that she somehow “selectively forgets” about a piece of information that ends up being crucial to the plot ends up being exhaustive and tiresome to the reader.

All in all, the book is not bad. You can tell that there has been a lot of research behind everything that the author has constructed. This fantastic world that introduces us to this new kind of mythical underworld has a fair amount of spice to keep you interested, even though sometimes you will feel that there is something missing or misplaced. The ending is indeed a good one, so I have to say that I have confidence in the sequel.

3 respuestas para “Kingdom of the Wicked”

  1. I love seeing all the different perspectives in book reviews. I’m interested in reading this book but.. at least now I’ll be going in with some warning. Thank you for the review!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. Thank you! Hopefully I’ll get to it soon but with everyone’s fantastic recommendations I may just be reading in my grave! 🤭

        Me gusta


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