Bookish and the Beast

I would like to thank Netgalley, Quirk Books and author Ashley Poston for giving me the opportunity to read this book in advance.

As the title says, this is a retelling of the famous story of the Beauty and the Beast. In this novel, bookish Rosie Thorne meets prince charming at a party that took place in the middle of a convention for fans of the Starfield saga. Problem is, she never saw his face because he was wearing a mask.

Rosie had the most amazing night of her life, and most probably the stranger lived far away from her, so she decided not to duel on the matter any longer. She kept this memory for herself only and continue living her life, after all, she had to focus on her last year of school, and dreadful college applications.

Little did she know, that her prince was closer than she ever imagined, and what is more, he may not be as charming as she thought he was after all.

This is the third instalment in the “Once upon a time” series by Ashley Poston, and certainly my favourite so far. It may be because my favourite tale of all times is precisely The Beauty and the Beast, and I like to read retellings of it whenever I find any.

The way in which the author has portrayed both the main characters and the secondary ones, is in fact very precise and concise. We have Rosie, a girl who has a very heavy weight on her shoulders, she is dealing with a lot of personal issues but she is still able to keep her strength and force of will. She has the help of her two best friends and her father, who is a very cool, open-minded character. He likes to read, and has a beautiful relationship with his daughter.

On the other end we have Vance, the “prince”. He is portrayed as a handsome man, but who is emotionally distant from everybody. This behaviour of his comes from years of feeling insecure and alone. His uncle is the character that I loved the most because he knows what Vance needs and even though he has lots of patience with Vance, he also knows how to call him out.

Of course, this retelling also needs a Gaston, and in this case we are having a very annoying one. Garrett is going to be this very popular guy who thinks that Rosie should appreciate that he has set his eyes on her. As I said before, he cannot be considered anything but a big-headed, annoying and arrogant person. But as we already know, he will get what he deserves.

The book is already out, and I do hope that you give it a chance. I do promise you that you will have a really good time while reading it because it is a very heart-warming and funny novel.


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