The Extraordinaries

Thanks to Netgalley and Tor Teen for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

ShadowStar is Nova City’s superhero, PyroStorm’s archnemesis, and Nick Bell’s crush (and object of desire). We know this because of the vast fanfiction collection Nick has authored, in which ShadowStar always comes to rescue Nate Belen (Nick’s alter ego) and where they also fall for each other.

Nick’s dream comes to life when one afternoon after school, ShdowStar saves Nick and his friend Gibby from three muggers. Once the superhero is done with the bad guys, he agrees to take a picture with them, and he also gives Nick his autograph along with a personalized and very intriguing note that includes Nick’s surname. But the thing is, Nick didn’t gave ShadowStar his surname at all. So, how does he know it?

Nick makes himself this same question, and even though the answer is right in front of him he cannot see it. This will just make us love even more this character, because his personality is so refreshing and vital, and so energic that you just cannot help sharing his passion, his excitement, and even his crazy ideas. I was just like “you know what? Let’s do it, go big or go home”.

But Nick is not alone, because his best friend Seth, and  Gibby and her girlfriend Jazz, will be there alongside him to help and support him all the way. Even though when Nick’s ideas seem to be almost impossible to happen.

Once more, T. J Klune makes us fall in love with another story and with the characters portrayed in it. Most of the time you will feel that you are reading fanfiction, clichés and all. And that is exactly the point. Klune has written this book in such a way that even though some things are predictable, you don’t feel upset or annoyed or disappointed; on the contrary, you just cannot help fall in love with all of this craziness and sweetness. I cannot find any more words to describe what it was for me to read this book, so let me tell you how I felt. Joyful, happy, desperate, amazed, surprised. One moment I was sadly crying, the next one I was laughing out loud (sometimes while also crying).

Sweet, jolly, and incredibly funny, this amazing book will hit shelves this Tuesday, July 14th. This week, the author will be doing some virtual talks. You can check Tor Teen’s or T.J Klune’s Instagram accounts for more details. Hope you are able to get the book, you will have a great time reading it, trust me.


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