Delilah “Dizzy” Doucette is just another regular teenager. She lives with her brother Lou and her dad above their music store, The Vinyl Trap. But Dizzy has an amazing talent, she can spin. And she does it marvelously. Everything would be perfect if only her mom could be with them.

What happened to her? Well, she’s no other than famous singer Georgia Waters and she left her home to achieve a career in the music industry when both Dizzy and Lou were little. Now, fourteen years later, she is coming back to town to put on one final show.

Could this be the opportunity Dizzy has always begged for? Will she be able to meet with Georgia? If so, will her mother recognize her after all this time? Does she remember she had a family? Dizzy will get her answers, and along with her and her family, we’ll be starting a journey of self-discovery with the help of music and love.

Reading the story of the Doucette family was both entertaining and delightful. I appreciated that the author included not only Dizzy’s POV but also Lou’s and Ray’s, their father. This gave us a full understanding of how things happened and how it affected everybody in both their personal and family lives. The thing I loved most about this book was the role of music. Whether it was by singing, playing an instrument, spinning some mixes or just by listening to it, music was an invisible wire surrounding every aspect of the Doucette’s story. After all, the music got the family together, and music tore it apart. Will music be able to get them back together again?

Spin is a very well written and enjoyable novel, whose characters were just perfect for the story. Love and friendship are the keywords, and I am sure most of you will have a wonderful time while reading this book, I did and I hope you enjoy it too.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Dundurn for giving me the opportunity to read and review this amazing book.

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